• Self cleaning Reverse Polarity
  • Salt, mineral or mineral blend compatible
  • Battery backed clock with 6 timers
  • Boost, safety backwash and pump protection
  • Adjustable chlorine output
  • Optional low salt model runs as low as 1000 ppm salt
  • 3 operating modes - Summer/Winter/Spa
  • 3 Year Warranty*

Cell specifications:

The EcoBlend® range of cells come in 4 different sizes. The number next to RP reflects the number of coated titanium plates in your cell.

Please ensure you check your power supply serial number under the power supply to determine the correct size replacement cell.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


  • Adjustable Chlorine output
  • Easy to read chlorine production display
  • Thermally efficient transformer, capable of operating to 30 amps
  • Optional inbuilt analogue time clock
  • Operating salt level from 4000 ppm to SEAWATER, depending on cell model
  • Compatible with salt, mineral or mineral blend pools
  • 3 Year FULL warranty on power supply and cell (excluding the time clock)

Cell specifications:

There are two connection types for the WM40:

i) Plug/Socket Connection: the cell cable has a plug that plugs into a socket located at the base of the power supply.

ii) Junction Box Connection: the cell cable has three small wires which are screwed into the brass terminals of a black junction box (using a screw driver) located at the base of the power supply.