Zodiac G2 Suction Cleaner

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Zodiac G2.jpg

Zodiac G2 Suction Cleaner


Zodiac’s G2 Baracuda is by far Australia’s favourite Automatic Pool Cleaner. It is highly efficient, quiet and very durable.

The G2 is sutiable for most pools in Australia. It works very well both in Above Ground, and In-Ground swimming Pools of up to 10 x 5M. It is suitable for all pool surfaces (including tiles).

Note: This is the latest version of the cleaner, which includes 12M Zodiac's Twist Lock Hoses.

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Key features & benefits

Allows for increased cleaning efficiency; stronger suction pulls difficult debris like gum nuts and small twigs through the diaphragm with less chance to jam and the ‘twist-and-release’ cassette gives easy access to diaphragm for self-maintenance pool side.

The discs structure have been designed to maximize the cleaning action and provide optimal adhesion, whilst its pliable inserts scrub your entire pool surface.

The hydrodynamic shape directs water flow to increase suction on pool floor and walls.

Comes with a 12m hose pack.